The Overview

Transport for Wales (TfW) was keen to develop a new internal system that would encourage employees to reward each other for outstanding service and adherence to the company’s strategic values through gamification. Alt Labs ran a clarity workshop based on design thinking principles with TfW to define the requirements and identified the need for a technology-based solution. This led to the development of the Cwtsh internal rewards app.

The Challenge

TfW was keen to develop a method of recognising and rewarding the efforts of staff, not just by managers but between colleagues. The challenge was to devise an innovative reward system that fulfilled the following criteria:

Foster a supportive environment for colleagues to endorse each other
Link endorsements to tangible rewards
Provide an additional communication channel for internal updates
Promote adherence to TfW’s strategic pillars, including safety and being the best

The Process

Alt Labs collaborated with TfW to conduct a clarity workshop on different methods to reward staff. Any solution had to address all of the criteria set out, which led to the development of the Cwtsh app.

The cross-platform app allows staff to reward colleagues with digital coins, which can be saved and redeemed for gift vouchers from online retailers such as Amazon, Next and Currys (for example, 500 coins = £5 voucher). The app also serves as a platform for TfW to share company news and updates and become an internal social media platform.

To encourage interaction and repeated use, a gamification feature was added. This allowed staff to earn additional coins for completing tasks such as reading company news, commenting on colleagues’ success, and reaching milestones.

The Results

The Cwtsh app has helped to improve morale and motivation amongst TfWs employees, who are proud to be recognised for their hard work. The first-of-its-kind reward system has helped to better align employees with the strategic pillars of TfW and has provided a new way to acknowledge staff contributions.

In 2023, the app has achieved significant success, garnering over 2,500 staff downloads. This impressive milestone reflects the app’s growing popularity and adoption within TfW. Cwtch’s ability to connect and streamline communication among staff members has made it a valuable tool in enhancing productivity and collaboration. Its continued growth and utilisation in the workplace underscore its importance as a case study in the realm of workplace technology and communication solutions.

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